Do you ever buy products because they say they were “Made in the USA”? Many consumers prefer to support the domestic economy by buying American made products instead of imports and trust the “Made in the USA” labels to tell them which is which. However, the Federal Trade Commission wants to make sure this trust isn’t broken. Sometimes, products that claim to have been “Made in the USA” aren’t actually American. Consumers need to be able to trust the labels that go on products, so they can purchase with confidence.

Stopping the “Made in the USA” Lie

Not every product that says it’s “Made in the USA” is lying to you. Many products actually were made here in the United States. Put simply, the less complicated the product, the more likely that it was, in fact, made completely in the United States. The FTC just recently settled with a company called E.K. Ekcessories. E.K. Ekcessories had been selling a variety of products whose labels claimed they were made right here in the United States. The problem with this “Made in the USA” claim was the fact that many components that went into E.K. Ekcessories’ products were actually made in other countries. They were then brought to the United States, where they became a part of a product that says “Made in the USA” on its label. The Federal Trade Commission felt that this was misleading to consumers.

The FTC Sets the Record Straight

In order to make sure consumers can trust the labels they see claiming products were made in the United States, they’ve developed a set of guidelines and laws that manufacturers are supposed to follow. For instance, in order to sell your product with a “Made in the USA” label, a company must be able to prove that the item was, in fact, completely made in the United States. If components that come from other countries are going to be used, the manufacturer of the product also has to clarify that on the label.

Think You’ve Been Misled?

If you think you’ve been misled by a product claiming to have been created right here in the States that was actually produced overseas, Hyde & Swigart wants to speak with you. We will conduct an investigation, and you may well be paid.